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Department details

Department of Noi Nadal

This Department enables the students to understand the various diseases their cause, diagnosis and Investigations which help in their diagnosis.

In Noi Nadal both Siddha and Modern aspects are taught in a detailed way. Siddha aspect deals with Mukkuta Iyal,Thega Ilakkanam ,Envagaithervu ,Manikadai nool etc.In Modern aspect General pathology is taught elaborately and in systemic pathology common diseases are dealt with so that students have sufficient scientific knowledge about various diseases. 

The laboratory is well equipped with necessary instruments like laminar air flow chamber, Incubator, autoclave etc.., and the students are trained well in investigating pathological samples through various investigation methods available and identifying pathological slides both hematological and histopathological. They are also taught to diagnose through radiological investigations.

Nunuyiriyal or Microbiology Provides Knowledge in Infectious microbes and Diseases in order to deal with the etiology,pathogenesis,Laboratory investigation,Control&Prevention through Natural and Microbiological source. Practical training is given in Identifying&Interpreting Laboratory investigation to correlate with the Clinical manifestation. The students are well trained in handling Bio-instruments, analyzing microbial samples and cultures and handling and disposing of dangerous viable and non viable matters. 

Teaching Faculty
Dr.A.Arun Latha Gold M.D(S)
Dr.A.P.R.Evangaline Green M.D(S)
Dr. S.U. Anusha, M.Sc., Ph.D
Lab Technician
M. Vijaya Rani
Deva Shalin (Elshadai)

The college is approved by the central council of Indian Medicine and Dept of Ayush, Ministry of Health & family welfare, Govt of India and affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.