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Department of Udal Thathuvam

A Sufficient knowledge of the functioning of Human body is essential for every medical student. Udal Thathuvam Department serves this purpose in equipping the students with this knowledge. Students are taught the fundamentals of both Siddha and Modern Physiology. 

In Siddha physiology students learn about the 96 principles which form the body, seven body factors, normal equilibrium of the three humors (Vatha, Pitha and Kabha), Siddha science of Breathing excercise, 14 reflexes, relationship between taste and panchaboothas, Siddha aspect of formation and development of an embryo and are trained in perceiving naadi of normal individuals. 

Modern physiology is elaborately taught under the headings of different systems. Proper understanding of the subject is emphasized than memorizing since learning the principles of physiology forms the foundation for studying other subjects like pathology. 

The Department has well equipped laboratory with adequate instruments and apparatus to train students in routine practicals of physiology including Haematology, Human and clinical Experiments. Stress is given that the students are able to perform these practicals individually. 

Teaching Faculty
Dr.S.Pratheeba M.D(S)
Dr.Asha M.D(S)
Mrs. S.T. Mini, M.Sc, M.Phil
Lab Technician
Ajith Kumar (Elshadai)

The college is approved by the central council of Indian Medicine and Dept of Ayush, Ministry of Health & family welfare, Govt of India and affliated to The Tamil Nadu Dr. M.G.R. Medical University, Chennai.