welcome to ATSVS Siddha Medical College

Our Instructor

Justice A. Ramamurthi

ATSVS Siddha Medical College & Hospital is a private, non profit, self financing medical institution pledged to the service of community in the health care needs.

Our institution primarily intends for medical education and medical service .In medical education our College is backed by qualified and experienced staff, well equipped laboratories, class rooms , library and attached Hospital with a pharmacy .Apart from the regular teaching and training of syllabus and curriculum , we impart specific knowledge in medicine preparation and clinical training. We also impart sincerity, honesty, discipline and ethical standards.

In Medical Service, our College is committed to serve the humanity through its hospital at highly subsidized service fees. Our attached hospital provides OPD, IPD facilities, laboratory and other diagnostic facilities for general public, the IPD section treating 880 patients and OPD section treating 48,750 patients per annum. We have an own pharmacy producing more than 100 medicines.

Towards research aspect we are doing drug evaluations to bring out effective and specific Siddha medicines. We aim at laying more emphasis on this in future.

"Honest efforts finally lead to success"