A well equipped Teaching Pharmacy with necessary infrastructure is attached to the Hospital. Around 115 Medicines are prepared in the pharmacy which are dispensed to both the Out and Inpatients. This Pharmacy caters the needs of around 150 patients treated in the Out Patient Department daily and around 40 patients who are admitted in the In Patient ward on an average.

Medicines are not purchased from outside and all the patients are treated by the medicines only prepared here as prescribed in the siddha texts and sastras. These medicines include both the general medicines from the siddha texts and the medicines which are used by the sangam from the inception of siddha Medical school long back in the year 1937.

Patients are successfully treated in O.P and I.P and the number of cases is increasing day by day thanks to the hygienic and sastric method preparation of medicines in our pharmacy.

For the convenient preparation of medicines and to maintain the availability of drugs all the days of the week the Pharmacy is divided in to three Units as follows

  1. Thylam & Leghiyam Preparation Unit.
  2. Choornam & Capsules Preparation Unit.
  3. Parpa Chenthooram Preparation Unit.

Thylam & Leghiyam Preparing Unit.

This Unit is provided with an installed boiler for the easy Preparation of the medicines in a short time. Care is taken so that the medicines are prepared hygienically and by methods and procedures as mentioned in the literatures.

This Unit functions under the supervision of Dr.S.Ramakrishnan.

Dr. S. Rama Krishnan
Mrs.Y. Ambika
Mrs. M. Mary Sarojam

Chooranam, Kasayam and Capsule Preparing Unit.

Drugs are powdered with the help of a Pulvariser attached with this Unit. Capsules are filled both manually and in Capsule filling machine to avoid delays. This Unit functions under the supervision of Dr.S.Stanly Thomas.

Dr. S. Stanly Thomas
Mrs. T. Radha
Mrs. G. Jayarani

Parpa Chenthooram Preparing Unit.

The thathu (Mineral) drugs are purified well and prepared according to the procedures prescribed in the Siddha texts and the manuscripts available in the College. Necessary instruments both traditional and modern like Mini Mill, Medi grind, Kalvam, Earthern wares are used by this Unit. This Unit functions under the supervision of Dr.M.Venugopal

Dr. A. Shylaja

Both manual and machineries are used in the preparation in a combined and balanced approach to avoid the reduction of efficacy of drugs which other wise may occur if prepared only with the help of machineries.

While offering hands on training in medicines preparation to the students this Pharmacy functions not with commercial purpose but with the aim of producing efficacious Siddha Drugs to treat patients& train students to be good siddha practicioners and thereby spread the fame of age old Siddha system of Medicine.

Internees are motivated to prepare new sastric formulations (apart from the medicines prepared in the pharmacy) and dispense to the patients in OPD and IPD and effective formulations are added in the regular Pharmacy medicines list now and then.