Inpatient Department
Inpatient department is also divided into 5 Sections. In addition to this Pura Maruthuvam section and X- Ray Unit are available in the Inpatient Department. In addition to General wards, special wards with attached bathroom are also available. This facility can be availed depending upon the availability.

External Therapies given to the Inpatients depending upon the disease helps in the speedy recovery. Separate Masseurs (Male & Female) are employed for male and female patients and the therapies are done under the supervision of Doctors.

For Inpatients Medicines and food are provided by the Hospital. Food is prepared as per the dietary restriction prescribed for various diseases and drugs in Siddha Literature. Outside food is not allowed to be taken. Bystanders are allowed only for patients who are bed ridden and that through payment of prescribed fee. Doctors' IP Duty Schedule

I.P Nurses
N.A. Herlin Prabha
D.L. Suja
R. Anithal
S. Sheeja
T.S. Deepa
M. Jayanthi

Pura maruthuvam

Various external therapies like Varmam ,Massage, Thokkannam, Ottradam, Kizhi, Ennai Kattu, Fume therapy, Thalam and many others are done by Separate Masseurs (Male & Female) employed for male and female patients under the supervision of doctors.

Special External therapies are done for diseases like Cervical spondylosis, Lumbar spondylosis, Vertebral disc prolapse, Traumatical injuries, Arthritis and Hemiplegia.

N. Nanda Kumaran

x-ray, ecg unit

For the convenience of the Inpatients admitted in the ward an X-Ray ECG Unit is attached with the Inpatient Department. Treatment for bone and Joint disorders is given after proper study of the disease through necessary X-Raying of the part so that proper treatment both internal and external is given in an appropriate way. Out Patients can also avail this facility. Necessary Expert Opinion is obtained from a Radiologist.
For patients suspected with cardiac disorders ECG is done and any abnormality found is either treated here or referred for further treatment depending upon the severity and type of disease.

X-Ray Technician: Mr. S.Jebasingh